Hi I am Rori, a semi retired construction worker looking to live out retirement living frugally and sharing the rewards with those who venture to my blog…


Welcome to i-frugal, it is here that I will share tips, tricks and helpful hints for you to apply in everyday life. Whether you are shopping, traveling overseas or taking the children to sporting events. In the household, workshop or scanning the internet, there are tips and tricks you can apply to maximise the value of the product or srevice you are seeking.

Lets face it the act of being frugal is a naturally occurring phenomena. When the body is under stress it slips into survival mode of how to best react to relieve the stress. Our parents and grandparents have been frugalists since way back. Since the great depression and the recessions of the seventies and eighties and even in modern times. They along with some of their tips and tricks have survived those days of uncertainties, some of which we apply in our everday lives without thought.

1. Turn the light off when you leave the room.

2. Turn the tap off when you’ve finished using the water, mend leaks in the water system to avoid wastage.

3. Utalise leftover food as ingredients for another meal. (leftovers are a favorite in many homes today)

4. Repupose containers and jars in food preservation or storage.

5. Domestic gardening and farming for food production.

6. Sharing, trading and bartering for food,produce or services

There are many examples where Frugal and thrifty choices are part of the here and now, The aim of this blog is to adopt frugal practices as a Second Nature reactive to apply in our everyday lives.